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Emergency Water Damage Carpet Restoration Brisbane
Water Damage Carpet Cleaning
Carpet flooding such as shown above can be dried in as little as two or three days
Absolute Carpet Care can restore flood water damaged carpets.

Absolute Carpet Care can restore flood water damaged carpets in your homes, offices, units and bedrooms. If you leave the excess water and it sits there for more than 24 hours, there is a possibility that mould growth can occur and end up costing more money to repair. We aim to return your wet carpet to its original condition through carpet water extraction methods and get your carpets clean with as little inconvenience to you as possible, in as little time as possible.

Do You Have A Business?

It would be best if you had minimal interruption when the process of flood damage is in progress. Yes, we run a business too, and we know how stressful it can be when there is a disaster like water damage. We have best equipment like dehumidifiers, Air Movers etc. for water damage carpet drying and cleaning. The drying process that we use for water damage restoration are:

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning
Top down drying method -In this method, we do not have to remove or detach the carpet from the floor to dry it. This method works in most cases, usually when there is no carpet underlay, i.e., the carpet is directly glued to another carpet. Also, when the water damage has not been sitting there for too long.
Installation of Dehumidifiers -To dry the water from the carpets, we use drying equipment such as air movers, but if we use dehumidifiers, it can greatly speed up the water damage drying time. We use the best machines for water damage carpet cleaning for effective results.
To minimise the water damage and job cost, follow these simple steps:
  • Don’t use ordinary drying equipment such as a vacuum to suck up the water
  • Do not lift the flooded carpet from the edges without the proper tooling. It can rip threads in the carpet and make it impossible to do damage restoration.
  • Do not use electrical appliances.
  • Don’t walk through a storm or flood-damaged carpet with standing water unless you can be absolutely sure the main power is turned off.
  • Don’t use flood-damaged electrical appliances.
  • Don’t keep flood damaged carpets inside, it can be a cause of mould & odour.
  • Think & practice safety first. Safety measures should be followed stringently.
  • Turn off the main power switch, then turn off & disconnect all plugs from wall sockets for all electrical appliances in affected areas to eliminate all chances of any electrical shock.
  • Find the source of the water & stop it, if possible. It would prevent further damage to the property.
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping or putting as many towels as you can to soak up the water damage on the wet carpet. Also, on other floorings using various water damage prevention techniques.  
  • Lift the curtains off the floor and hang them on a coat hanger on the curtain rod so that they do not get wet.
  • Turn the air conditioning on if possible. It will reduce the humidity in the air and help dry the water damage, do not turn it on if it is flooded.
  • Use fans to help circulate the air, do not use them when flooded.
  • Put aluminium foil or plastic shopping bags under furniture to prevent non-reversible staining to the wet carpet.
  • Wipe the furniture dry with a towel.
  • Move rugs off the wet carpet to prevent staining.
Insurance? - Yes /No
I am not insured

Our charges are payable upon completion of the work
Prior to commencing the carpet cleaning process, we will supply a written “estimate” of costs. Any variation in this estimate will be discussed with you prior to incurring additional charges, and a revised written quote will be submitted to you for your approval.

Your understanding may be required
When there are large storms in Brisbane, there is a great demand for our carpet cleaning service, and therefore it can be difficult to attend to your water damage restoration work immediately, but we will try our best to get there ASAP.

How long will carpet restoration take?
Complete restoration of saturated carpet will “generally” take between 3-5 days. Our professional Carpet cleaners will advise you on the drying process and other details.
I am insured

Need us to invoice your insurance company directly?
We can invoice your insurance company directly if you require! [Conditions apply]

We require:

  • Name of your Insurance Company with mail address, phone number & email
  • Name & contact details of your insurance Assessor.
  • Policy Number
  • Claim Number

Any Excess on your policy must be paid prior to the restoration commencing.
What Type Of Water Has Affected The Carpet?

The types of water are:

  • Clean Water (Category 1) This is sanitary water and does not pose health risks. Water extraction methods should be used.
  • Grey Water (Category 2) -This is water that is not entirely clean and poses some risk, such as dishwasher and washing machine water.
  • Black Water (Category 3) -Grossly contaminated water that can contain pathogens. For example, sewage, toilet back-flow and seawater. In this case, we must replace the carpet.

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